Our specificities : Hand-stitching, bespoke and exclusive relationship

Handmade saddle stitching differs from machine stitching in several points: first of all, its structure using a single thread gives the stitching a much stronger resistance which makes it withstand the test of time and hold in place in case it breaks. The thread itself comes from made-in-France waxed flaxen, more resilient than a polyester or nylon thread. Finally, hand-stitching has the incontestable benefit of being fixable, contrary to machine stitching. G. Lancelot’s ambition lies in creating unique objects of their time that could travel from generation to generation.

Our specificities : Hand-stitching, bespoke and exclusive relationship

Pure bespoke is a savoir-faire in its own right rather forgotten today, which made the finest hours of arts and crafts last century. If we are most aware of the concept of made to-measure, being able of drawing a completely unique creation with nolimits of design, shape or material is rather rare. That is what pure bespoke is and what G. Lancelot offers you. In other words, a fullyfledged experience for the most demanding experts.

Unlike today’s standards, we have entirely rethought what our clients will experience with us. Guillaume Lancelot travels to meet his clients, sometimes to their domicile, and that way he brings back to life a tradition specific to pure bespoke.Thanks to such closeness, Guillaume Lancelot is able to understand their tastes and sensitivities.


Made to order

Made-to-order is the possibility for you to select one of the models for the G. Lancelot collection and to choose leathers, colours, linings, finishing and so on for it. The product will then be handcrafted by one of our experienced craftsmen. This experience gives you the possibility to combine your desires and aspirations with our outstanding savoir-faire.

Our MTO collection


A bespoke creation means a unique pattern for a unique product. The first step we take is to understand as perfectly as possible your needs and aspirations. Then we design the desired product together, and through the skills of the most experienced craftsmen, G. Lancelot will handcraft it for you.

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